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Leo Minor

This was a short movie done in the studio Supamonks, where they help you do the short movie you want, giving you a space in their studio and their professional help throughout the entire time you make the short.

I was there to help during february and march 2017.
I helped in Marvelous to create the cloth for the little brother Leo, and simulating several shots of him and his older brother Arthur. Then, when necessary, corrected some little issues in maya by doing blendshapes. I also did some sheets, a pillow and a little blankie (that was not kept in the end).

The texture/surfacing and other cloth simulation was done by my wonderful friend Laetitia Munsch

The short is not out yet, so I can't really post final renders. The ones I put were render tests and/or has being modifed so its not entirely accurate and won't be like that in the final movie.

Spoiler alert : it's a sad but really beautiful story.